The company "Vohnezar" produces pyrolysis combustion boilers long. Pyrolysis - high temperature process that decompose organic matter into simpler gaseous components. More details on the process can be found in Wikipedia — During pyrolysis reactions occur following: splitting carbon bonds; dehydrogenation; isomerization; polymerization; condensation.

The industry at large enterprises using pyrolysis boilers, whose operation is based on the pyrolysis process. For such boilers using crude oil, wood, peat, coal, shale, lignite. Back in the 70's were the first installation cleavage complex substances in gases. Thus, the pyrolysis process that occurs in boilers, provides gaseous hydrocarbons such as propane, ethane, butane and mixtures thereof. Also useful are the products of pyrolysis of propylene, ethylene, butadiene and butylene.

Useful products are also resin containing substances such as naphthalene, benzene, xylene, anthracene, toluene, and many others. In pyrolysis boilers for solid fuels (peat, wood, coal) occur coking process, degassing and carbonization. The process takes place at different temperatures: high temperature to 900-1050 ° C; Average temperature: 700 ° C; low temperature to 500-550 ° C.

Combustion pyrolysis boiler

Scheme pyrolysis process and structure of the boiler

Since pyrolysis is flameless processing of solids, it allows you to not pollute the environment. One of the main advantages of using pyrolysis boiler is not only that they are well heated room, but that pyrolysis process leaves behind a heavy metal that prevents their release into the atmosphere. The resulting ash has a high density, so that the volume decreases. These combustion products easy to transport and store. After all, they do not take up much space.

Pyrolysis solid fuel boilers

Pyrolysis boilers consist of two combustion chambers. In the upper chamber placed solid fuels (wood, shavings, wood chips, sawdust and wood waste lump) and the process of combustion. The controller, which consists of a control panel with buttons and indicators regulates fan speed and thus the air that comes into the boiler helps burn firewood. Fuel starts to burn and smoke and gas produced. Through the hole, which is located between the upper and lower chamber, with a fan directed gas.

Therefore pyrolysis boilers differently is called gasifier. If in the process of pyrolysis boiler open lower chamber, can be seen as a burning gas enters the lower chamber. To control all of the above processes in solid pyrolysis boilers using controllers. This controller regulated temperature in the boiler.

Modern solid pyrolysis long burning boilers efficiency reaches 90%. This allows you to use energy with high efficiency. When burning wood pyrolysis or other solid fuels are burned to ashes, so downloading boiler fuel increases substantially. It is no longer necessary every 2-3 hours to restart the boiler, which is a significant advantage, because time and servicing the boiler is reduced. Another important advantage — solid fuel is much cheaper than traditional energy resources — gas, diesel or electricity.

We can confidently say that the solid fuel pyrolysis boilers, long burning is not only cost-effective solution to the heat energy but also environmental equipment that does not make threats to the environment.