For many years, our company in Ivano-Frankivsk made production of solid fuel boilers "Vohnezar." For all its characteristics are not inferior to any of its European analogues and some indicators even ahead of famous foreign brands.

Pyrolysis solid fuel boilers "Vohnezar" suitable for heating different kinds of objects, from private homes to greenhouses and production, industrial and office space. They are characterized by high performance and ruggedness to the fuel on which the thermal unit, as well as ease of operation and maintenance.

A distinctive feature of our boilers "Vohnezar" is its automatic equipment known in the market of heating equipment polish firm "TEC". It is a multi - pump system controls the heating and airflow (fan).With its help you can set the desired temperature and to see the current temperature. It also allows you to translate the summer boiler on heating water in homes. In addition, there is also a means extra security in the home - beeps and displays a message in the event of failure or overheating of the boiler. Full suspension power does not lead to disability boiler. To boiler working without electricity and need only obtain the special installation of pipes and tanks heating system to ensure the circulation of coolant in the system due to natural convection.

Boilers are made of quality steel and cast iron. Open it performed at the present stall plasma cutting. This technology provides high accuracy of all elements of the boiler.

CNC plasma cutting metal

Another equally important advantage "Vohnezar" is its environmental friendliness and safety. The heat from this boiler is environmentally friendly because wood combustion products do not emit air pollutants in the inherent combustion gas. And they are to prevent the explosive situation.

Energy efficiency - saving money, resources for heating while saving room in the house is not important for the average citizen. Today, such an alternative for residents of Ukraine offered by our company "Vohnezar" production scale and competitive edge which is obvious.